After a slew of rainy summer days, Rachel and Josh had nothing but sun and smiles for their wedding. We took a trip to Iuka park for their first look and pictures with family and the wedding party before heading back to Xenos Christian Fellowship for the ceremony and reception. Photo booth, taco bar, and cupcakes? Check, check, and check. Ear to ear smiles and body shaking belly laughs with these awesome newlyweds? Yep, yep, yep.

A big congrats to Rachel and Josh!

XenosWedding-20150711130802 XenosWedding-20150711132034 XenosWedding-20150711132259 XenosWedding-20150711133518 XenosWedding-20150711135451 XenosWedding-20150711135739 XenosWedding-20150711135814 XenosWedding-20150711135818 XenosWedding-20150711140510 XenosWedding-20150711140627 XenosWedding-20150711142249 XenosWedding-20150711143854 XenosWedding-20150711144441 XenosWedding-20150711144658 XenosWedding-20150711144908 XenosWedding-20150711153056 XenosWedding-20150711160705 XenosWedding-20150711160718 XenosWedding-20150711160816 XenosWedding-20150711162614 XenosWedding-20150711165540 XenosWedding-20150711165712 XenosWedding-20150711165954 XenosWedding-20150711173318 XenosWedding-20150711175413 XenosWedding-20150711184017 XenosWedding-20150711184543 XenosWedding-20150711185229 XenosWedding-20150711185252 XenosWedding-20150711191315 XenosWedding-20150711191912 XenosWedding-20150711194447

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Josh and Kim’s wedding blended some Vietnamese traditions into the most American of holidays during their amazing 4th of July wedding. Everybody got ready at the Hyatt before heading up to Immaculate Conception Catholic Church for their ceremony. Grange Insurance Audubon Center provided a beautiful setting for the reception.  In the midst of one of the rainiest summers I can remember, the 4th ended up being so gorgeous that much of the crowd could be found enjoying beverages outside for a good portion of the night.

Happy birthday, America, and happy wedding day to Josh and Kim!

GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704114805 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704114836 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704115901 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704120215 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704121235 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704121640 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704121812 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704121833 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704123806 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704125603 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704130010 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704133831 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704134253 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704140601 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704143237 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704153456 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704155355 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704160916 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704161031 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704161103 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704161138 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704161940 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704162428 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704162458 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704162736 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704163317 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704164007 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704164339 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704164743 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704165611 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704165654 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704165735 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704170411 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704172305 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704172330 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704175335 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704175808 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704175956 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704180327 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704184456 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704184525 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704184852 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704185507 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704185531 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704185539 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704190845 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704195309 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704201010 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704201616 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704202136 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704202212 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704204216 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704204448 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704210352 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704212836 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704213423 GrangeAudubonWedding-20150704214039

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If you ask me what my favorite thing about being a wedding photographer is, the answer might change from day to day. Sometimes it’s the opportunities for creativity, sometimes it’s the fun and challenge of running a business, but often, as in the case of Billy and Joel’s wedding, it’s about the stories I get to be a part of and help document.

I could tell you about the vintage car they had for their getaway after running through an epic shower of birdseed. I could go on about the choreographed first dance, or the table full of RSVP letters from celebrities and the White House. I will tell you that the wedding would have been fun and meaningful for them and all the friends and family present, regardless of when it was held. But it just so happened that the wedding they had been planning took place the day after the Supreme Court decided in favor of marriage equality.

Weddings are always big, emotional affairs, even more so when the couple has been together for 18 years like these two. Throw an historic court decision on top of that, and it takes it to a whole other level. I think their wedding day hashtag sums it up perfectly – #ItsAboutDamnTimeBillyJoel

A huge congrats to Vasilios and Joel!

Dock580_Wedding-20150627142559 Dock580_Wedding-20150627143322 Dock580_Wedding-20150627145551 Dock580_Wedding-20150627150218 Dock580_Wedding-20150627150519 Dock580_Wedding-20150627150845 Dock580_Wedding-20150627150933 Dock580_Wedding-20150627151838 Dock580_Wedding-20150627152804-2 Dock580_Wedding-20150627160733 Dock580_Wedding-20150627161520 Dock580_Wedding-20150627162707 Dock580_Wedding-20150627163140 Dock580_Wedding-20150627163746 Dock580_Wedding-20150627163758 Dock580_Wedding-20150627170920 Dock580_Wedding-20150627172001 Dock580_Wedding-20150627172517 Dock580_Wedding-20150627173741 Dock580_Wedding-20150627174413 Dock580_Wedding-20150627182221 Dock580_Wedding-20150627182340 Dock580_Wedding-20150627191958 Dock580_Wedding-20150627193615 Dock580_Wedding-20150627193920 Dock580_Wedding-20150627200130 Dock580_Wedding-20150627202133 Dock580_Wedding-20150627202359 Dock580_Wedding-20150627205150 Dock580_Wedding-20150627205226 Dock580_Wedding-20150627210057 Dock580_Wedding-20150627210822

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For the second time in one weekend I got to shoot a laid back, early wedding at Franklin Park Conservatory. Catherine and Keith couldn’t have asked for a more perfect spring day to have a ceremony inside the palm house, and cocktail hour outside. After the ceremony we went outside for some portrait time before heading back in for lunch, speeches, and a couple attempts at a bouquet toss.:)

A big congrats to Catherine and Keith!

Franklin_Park_Weddings 01 Franklin_Park_Weddings 02 Franklin_Park_Weddings 03 Franklin_Park_Weddings 04 Franklin_Park_Weddings 05 Franklin_Park_Weddings 06 Franklin_Park_Weddings 07 Franklin_Park_Weddings 08 Franklin_Park_Weddings 09 Franklin_Park_Weddings 10 Franklin_Park_Weddings 11 Franklin_Park_Weddings 12 Franklin_Park_Weddings 13 Franklin_Park_Weddings 14 Franklin_Park_Weddings 15 Franklin_Park_Weddings 16 Franklin_Park_Weddings 16b Franklin_Park_Weddings 16c Franklin_Park_Weddings 17 Franklin_Park_Weddings 18 Franklin_Park_Weddings 19 Franklin_Park_Weddings 20 Franklin_Park_Weddings 21 Franklin_Park_Weddings 21b Franklin_Park_Weddings 22 Franklin_Park_Weddings 22b Franklin_Park_Weddings 23 Franklin_Park_Weddings 24 Franklin_Park_Weddings 25 Franklin_Park_Weddings 27

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Cool couple – check. Cool location – check. Cool weather – not so much, but I can’t complain about sunny summer days. If you look through the pictures, you won’t need me to tell you that Lauren and AJ and their entire crew made this one heck-of-a fun wedding to shoot. Art and music lovers from Westerville to Portland and back, the wedding at the Vault was full of great moments from their first look in a colorful, graffiti covered alley, to night shots on a nearby rooftop. Good times and good people all around!

Congrats to Lauren and AJ!

The_Vault_Wedding 01 The_Vault_Wedding 02 The_Vault_Wedding 03 The_Vault_Wedding 04 The_Vault_Wedding 05 The_Vault_Wedding 06 The_Vault_Wedding 07 The_Vault_Wedding 08 The_Vault_Wedding 09 The_Vault_Wedding 10 The_Vault_Wedding 11 The_Vault_Wedding 12 The_Vault_Wedding 13 The_Vault_Wedding 14 The_Vault_Wedding 15 The_Vault_Wedding 16 The_Vault_Wedding 17 The_Vault_Wedding 18 The_Vault_Wedding 19 The_Vault_Wedding 20 The_Vault_Wedding 21 The_Vault_Wedding 22 The_Vault_Wedding 23 The_Vault_Wedding 24 The_Vault_Wedding 25 The_Vault_Wedding 26 The_Vault_Wedding 27 The_Vault_Wedding 28-2 The_Vault_Wedding 28 The_Vault_Wedding 29 The_Vault_Wedding 30 The_Vault_Wedding 31 The_Vault_Wedding 32 The_Vault_Wedding 33 The_Vault_Wedding 34 The_Vault_Wedding 35 The_Vault_Wedding 36 The_Vault_Wedding 37 The_Vault_Wedding 38 The_Vault_Wedding 39

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