For the second time in one weekend I got to shoot a laid back, early wedding at Franklin Park Conservatory. Catherine and Keith couldn’t have asked for a more perfect spring day to have a ceremony inside the palm house, and cocktail hour outside. After the ceremony we went outside for some portrait time before heading back in for lunch, speeches, and a couple attempts at a bouquet toss.:)

A big congrats to Catherine and Keith!

Franklin_Park_Weddings 01 Franklin_Park_Weddings 02 Franklin_Park_Weddings 03 Franklin_Park_Weddings 04 Franklin_Park_Weddings 05 Franklin_Park_Weddings 06 Franklin_Park_Weddings 07 Franklin_Park_Weddings 08 Franklin_Park_Weddings 09 Franklin_Park_Weddings 10 Franklin_Park_Weddings 11 Franklin_Park_Weddings 12 Franklin_Park_Weddings 13 Franklin_Park_Weddings 14 Franklin_Park_Weddings 15 Franklin_Park_Weddings 16 Franklin_Park_Weddings 16b Franklin_Park_Weddings 16c Franklin_Park_Weddings 17 Franklin_Park_Weddings 18 Franklin_Park_Weddings 19 Franklin_Park_Weddings 20 Franklin_Park_Weddings 21 Franklin_Park_Weddings 21b Franklin_Park_Weddings 22 Franklin_Park_Weddings 22b Franklin_Park_Weddings 23 Franklin_Park_Weddings 24 Franklin_Park_Weddings 25 Franklin_Park_Weddings 27

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Cool couple – check. Cool location – check. Cool weather – not so much, but I can’t complain about sunny summer days. If you look through the pictures, you won’t need me to tell you that Lauren and AJ and their entire crew made this one heck-of-a fun wedding to shoot. Art and music lovers from Westerville to Portland and back, the wedding at the Vault was full of great moments from their first look in a colorful, graffiti covered alley, to night shots on a nearby rooftop. Good times and good people all around!

Congrats to Lauren and AJ!

The_Vault_Wedding 01 The_Vault_Wedding 02 The_Vault_Wedding 03 The_Vault_Wedding 04 The_Vault_Wedding 05 The_Vault_Wedding 06 The_Vault_Wedding 07 The_Vault_Wedding 08 The_Vault_Wedding 09 The_Vault_Wedding 10 The_Vault_Wedding 11 The_Vault_Wedding 12 The_Vault_Wedding 13 The_Vault_Wedding 14 The_Vault_Wedding 15 The_Vault_Wedding 16 The_Vault_Wedding 17 The_Vault_Wedding 18 The_Vault_Wedding 19 The_Vault_Wedding 20 The_Vault_Wedding 21 The_Vault_Wedding 22 The_Vault_Wedding 23 The_Vault_Wedding 24 The_Vault_Wedding 25 The_Vault_Wedding 26 The_Vault_Wedding 27 The_Vault_Wedding 28-2 The_Vault_Wedding 28 The_Vault_Wedding 29 The_Vault_Wedding 30 The_Vault_Wedding 31 The_Vault_Wedding 32 The_Vault_Wedding 33 The_Vault_Wedding 34 The_Vault_Wedding 35 The_Vault_Wedding 36 The_Vault_Wedding 37 The_Vault_Wedding 38 The_Vault_Wedding 39

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Getting to work with Emily and Isaac has been amazing in so many ways. They’re friends from my oil company and southern living days. They dangled off a bridge for me during their engagement session in New Orleans. They picked a venue, Black Star Farms, just north of Traverse City, that was beautiful and did an amazing job with everything from the locally sourced food to adapting to a very rainy morning. I got to travel and add Michigan to the list of states I’ve shot weddings in (number seven, but who’s counting?), but by far the best part was getting to spend the day with two of the nicest and “they-just-go-so-well-together” people I can imagine.

The buckeye cupcakes were pretty darn good, too!

A big congrats to Emily and Isaac!
Black_Star_Farms 02 Black_Star_Farms 03 Black_Star_Farms 04 Black_Star_Farms 05 Black_Star_Farms 06 Black_Star_Farms 07 Black_Star_Farms 08 Black_Star_Farms 09 Black_Star_Farms 10 Black_Star_Farms 11 Black_Star_Farms 12 Black_Star_Farms 13 Black_Star_Farms 15 Black_Star_Farms 16 Black_Star_Farms 17 Black_Star_Farms 18 Black_Star_Farms 19 Black_Star_Farms 20 Black_Star_Farms 21 Black_Star_Farms 22 Black_Star_Farms 23 Black_Star_Farms 24 Black_Star_Farms 25 Black_Star_Farms 26 Black_Star_Farms 27 Black_Star_Farms 27b Black_Star_Farms 28 Black_Star_Farms 29 Black_Star_Farms 30 Black_Star_Farms 31 Black_Star_Farms 32 Black_Star_Farms 34 Black_Star_Farms 35 Black_Star_Farms 36 Black_Star_Farms 37 Black_Star_Farms 38 Black_Star_Farms 39 Black_Star_Farms 40 Black_Star_Farms 41 Black_Star_Farms 42 Black_Star_Farms 43


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The day could not have been more perfect for Hillary and Ryan’s intimate wedding at the Kelton House.  A group of friends and family gathered at the historic house to watch their laughs and smiles as they exchanged vows. And for a small afternoon reception, there was definitely a lot of lively dancing going on!

Congrats to Hillary and Ryan!

Kelton_House_Wedding 01 Kelton_House_Wedding 02 Kelton_House_Wedding 03 Kelton_House_Wedding 04 Kelton_House_Wedding 05 Kelton_House_Wedding 06 Kelton_House_Wedding 07 Kelton_House_Wedding 08 Kelton_House_Wedding 09 Kelton_House_Wedding 10 Kelton_House_Wedding 10b Kelton_House_Wedding 11 Kelton_House_Wedding 12 Kelton_House_Wedding 13 Kelton_House_Wedding 14 Kelton_House_Wedding 15 Kelton_House_Wedding 15b Kelton_House_Wedding 16 Kelton_House_Wedding 17 Kelton_House_Wedding 18 Kelton_House_Wedding 19 Kelton_House_Wedding 20 Kelton_House_Wedding 21

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