Sarah and Polo decided to have their wedding ceremony in the house they’re renovating, surrounded by a few close people. There always seems to be something just a little more special in knowing that no ceremony has been held before or will likely be held after in a location, making it truly theirs. Shooting through the various rooms in an unfinished space also gave us cool picture opportunities that you just can’t get in a big wedding venue. After the ceremony we stopped in Schiller Park for a few minutes before heading down the road to dinner at G. Michael’s.

A big congrats to Sarah and  Polo!

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There were just so many good things happening in Josh and Virginia’s wedding. They made their way from California and were treated to perfect March weather in New Orleans.  The Tree of Life, a massive and storied oak tree just outside the walls of the zoo, provided an amazing setting for their ceremony.  A charter bus took us through St. Patrick’s weekend parades into the French Quarter for the reception at Pat O’s Briar Suite. Beads were thrown from the balcony, pies were eaten (appropriate for the most Pi of all Pi-Days – 3.14.15) and the best dance moves I’ve ever seen by people in superhero masks were shown off.

I lost sight of them at the end of the night as they trailed off through a packed Bourbon St. before I could tell them what an awesome time I had with them, but the pictures should make that pretty clear.

A big congrats to Virginia and Josh!

VJ-20150314161842 VJ-20150314162058 VJ-20150314162400 VJ-20150314163905 VJ-20150314164245 VJ-20150314164451 VJ-20150314171018 VJ-20150314171044 VJ-20150314171125 VJ-20150314171154 VJ-20150314171328 VJ-20150314172302 VJ-20150314172357-2 VJ-20150314172433 VJ-20150314172832 VJ-20150314172852 VJ-20150314172905 VJ-20150314172913 VJ-20150314174515 VJ-20150314175148 VJ-20150314175208 VJ-20150314175349 VJ-20150314175809 VJ-20150314180439 VJ-20150314180620 VJ-20150314185645 VJ-20150314185821 VJ-20150314190106 VJ-20150314192756 VJ-20150314193218 VJ-20150314193510 VJ-20150314193536 VJ-20150314193628 VJ-20150314195351 VJ-20150314195937 VJ-20150314200217 VJ-20150314202814 VJ-20150314202943 VJ-20150314203305 VJ-20150314203435 VJ-20150314203700 VJ-20150314205456 VJ-20150314211400 VJ-20150314211805 VJ-20150314212542 VJ-20150314212820

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Amanda and Andrey had a beautiful Sunday morning wedding at Franklin Park Conservatory. Snow covered the ground outside, but inside it was bright and warm and perfect for a wedding ceremony. The decorations tell the story of their travels and origins. Andrey is from Russia and his family was Skyped in so they could be a part of the festivities.  I got to use a large portion what I remember from my one random Russian language class in college, the basics, such as introducing myself, asking how you are, and saying I love beer.  All in all it was a wonderful, relaxed day for a wedding!

За жениха и невесту!

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Krave Jerky hired me to photograph a tasting event at Kroger headquarters in Cincinnati, which featured an appearance by the amazing Jillian Michaels. She graciously (and masterfully, I might add) posed for pictures and spoke with a large gathering of people that had lined up for the event. After their photo they were able to sample the jerky varieties that Krave will soon have in Kroger stores. I set up a website and printed contact cards for everybody so they’d be able to login and download their images with Jillian. It was a great event and a lot of fun getting to work with a company making a great product and a celebrity that has inspired a lot of people!

Krave-20150318110050 Krave-20150318115808 Krave-20150318115931 Krave-20150318115947 Krave-20150318115951 Krave-20150318121617 Krave-20150318121727 Krave-20150318131817 Krave-20150318132307 Krave-20150318134317

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I wanted to pick out a few of my favorite pictures from 2014 weddings and engagement sessions, but this is a lot harder than you’d think. Every engagement session I looked through made me smile – seeing couples make happy faces, then serious faces, then goofy faces, then the faces asking “You want us to climb up where?” or “Why are you climbing that tree?” Every wedding comes with a flood of gorgeous detail shots – rings, cakes, dresses, flowers and venues. The best parts of looking back at weddings are reliving the big moments that brides and grooms had been planning for months or years, or maybe even better, are the little moments that weren’t planned at all.

To those I got to meet and work with in 2014 – much love and endless thanks for letting me be part of your weddings. To those already signed on for 2015 – it’s going to be a big year and I can’t wait! And to those still looking for a photographer – open spots on my 2015 calendar are quickly disappearing, so don’t hesitate to contact me!

Happy New Year to all!


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