Frequently Asked Questions

How many pictures can we take?

Each session prints out 2 2×6 strips and there is no limit on the total number of sessions. Keep people jumping in and we’ll keep printing!

What size are your photo booths?

We can either do an enclosed booth, which is roughly 5’x7’x7’10″tall, or we can do an open setup (no enclosure) if you want a custom backdrop or there’s a cool spot you want to use at your venue. With space for props and a table, you’ll want about 6’x9′.

Is set-up and tear-down included in your price?

Booth set-up is included in the price. We will arrive one hour before start time to set things up. The exception is if you want us to arrive early and leave the booth idle prior to the start of service (i.e. if you don’t want us setting up during a nearby ceremony). Early set-ups are an additional fee of $40 per hour.

Will there be an attendant operating the booth?

We always have somebody there to help, answer questions, and fix any problems if they should arise.

Do we get copies of the picture files from the event?

Yep! All pictures will be given to you in an online gallery after your event.

Do you offer customized logos and designs for your prints?

Simple designs like names, dates, and “Congratulations” are free. If you have a custom logo, we can incorporate that into the final prints for a one time fee of $60.

How long do the photos take to print?

We use high quality dye-sublimation printers that produce consistent, photo quality prints in about 15 seconds.

Are photos black and white or color prints?

The default is color, but we can set it up to offer the option of both if you want.

How easy is the photo booth to use?

It’s easy! Go into the booth, press the start button on the touch screen, and look at the camera. The pictures will print outside the booth in a few seconds.