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Basic details of the opportunity -

I'm looking for people interested in taking on up to ten weddings a year as a lead shooter for Shoot 2 Studios. First things first and straight up - I have some pretty specific criteria for taking people on that I’m not sharing because it would affect answers. I'm not looking for people just getting into photography or portfolio builders. You should already have wedding experience and are looking to supplement your calendar. I may pick a few people or none at all. Please don’t be upset, offended, or discouraged if it doesn’t work with us. I still like you, I just can't take everybody. Keep at it.

Pay is $550+ per wedding based on package/hours with expectations being an in person meeting with potential clients, general communication (e.g. emails), day of shooting, and culling. I'll handle contracts, editing, and as much of the communication as is within my control (clients will sometimes ask you stuff directly, so we'll deal with that as needed).

Our couples tend to be smart, quirky people who want their stories told with vibrant, creative photography that really touches on who they are. If all this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please fill in the form below! I'll get in contact with you if I think this would be a good fit. Thanks again for your time!


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