The Zombie Cakepopalypse!

We like to have fun around here, if that hasn't become obvious yet.  When I told Jenny that I'd like some cake pops instead of a traditional birthday cake, she jumped at the idea.  But since we can't do anything without turning it into an art project, she decided to make the cake pops into little people and yes, little zombies. She disappeared into the kitchen to make various flavors of cake pops, carefully icing and placing each of their little eyes.  I set up and lit our scene so we could take a few pictures of our creations.  I always tell people that I spend a lot of time "playing" with food while I photograph it, but in this case, were literally playing with these guys, making them go after each other, picking out who we thought should survive and who should get eaten.

Dessert should always be this fun.


People in New Orleans take their costuming seriously and Halloween is no exception.  We're talking whole groups of people that spend months planning and building their costumes.  I'm usually pretty lazy about this so I was happy this year to have our friends Stephanie and Jeremy visit.  They did some pretty intense zombie makeup get-ups and I got to be the sole human  zombie hunter of the group.  Decent group costume - check.  We took the time to do a little photo shoot before hitting the streets with the rest of the undead. Zombies are apparently hungry for things other than brains because I somehow went through an entire box of Twinkies while we were out.