Adam and Mary's Wedding at Southport Music Hall

I was lucky enough to take a trip out to Florida for Mary and Adam's engagement session last year and then shoot their wedding in New Orleans in May. There was never any question that they'd have an amazingly fun wedding, but they surpassed even my expectations once they started crowdsurfing during the reception.  All around a great group of people and a fantastic day! High fives and big congrats to this awesome  pair!

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Good guards

I've shot a few events at the First NBC building and have always stopped to admire the ceiling inside.  On multiple occasions the same security guard has been working and is one of the friendliest, most informative guards I've ever spoken with.  He gave me the history on the guy who designed and made all of the medallions on the ceiling (which I sadly can't remember now).  I'll have to write this stuff down next time I'm there.

Friday Night Fights

The Freret St. Boxing Gym periodically hosts what I can only describe as a spectacle.  They call it Friday Night Fights, but it's really a big mix of fighting, drinking and eating contests, celebrity impersonators, good musicians, cross dressing entertainers, and amateur round card girl (and guy) contests, among other things.  The fights draw one of the most diverse crowds I've ever seen in one small area - age, race, gender - all suddenly agreeing with each other because of this eclectic mix of entertainment. I got hooked up to photograph the fights and got a ringside seat to the madness.  Can't wait for the next one.


Kristen and Drew - A wedding in the Keys

To the surprise of many, I was in a fraternity in college.  If you're conjuring up images of John Belushi right now, just stop.  Think instead of a large collection of smart, well balanced, student leaders.  Damn stereotypes...  But it was in the fraternity that I met Drew, and I was excited that he contacted me several years after graduation to ask me to photograph his wedding.  Not just any wedding though, this one was in the Florida Keys.  I had a stop in the Keys on my honeymoon cruise and was grateful for the chance to go back. Drew and Kristen had the run of Hawks Cay on Duck Key, one of those big resorts where everything seems too nice for me.  A quick ceremony followed by a great party is the way to go.  More than half the wedding guests met up for dinner on another island the next day which made for a great end to the event.  I look forward to my next destination wedding, even more so if it's with old friends.


Yeah, I'm kind of a big deal

Or not, ya know, whatever.  I was passing through the New Orleans airport and noticed displays with the Tax Free brochures that I shot the cover image for.  It's always fun seeing your work in print.  I'm just imagining a foreigner traveler taking a copy home to wherever they're from.  Some place fancy and with cool accents I presume.



Business Owner - Benardette Jno-Finn

I met Benardette at the New Orleans Museum of Art to photograph her for a business profile.  She runs Senica Naturals, a company focused on natural skin care products.  The stories behind how people end up doing what they do always make for good conversation.  She was also interested in photography and even let me experiment with lighting in the dark, glass filled galleries of the museum.  In the end, we liked the simple and colorful setting in the cafe the best.


Mid-summer Mardi Gras

I don't know why New Orleans bothers giving their events titles anymore.  Just say "Hey, it's Tuesday, let's have a parade."  There was a point when I got annoyed with all of the random parades popping up to block traffic at the precise moment I needed to be somewhere.  I learned a while ago that if you can't beat 'em, invite friends over, dig into the costume closet, and hit the streets to join 'em.  This Midsummer Mardi Gras parade goes right by my house, so join 'em is what I did.


New Orleans Bride Magazine Social

New Orleans Bride Magazine hosted a vendor social event at the Ritz to get a wide range of vendors in the industry together and socializing.  The Ritz had a set of amazing cakes on display (and plenty of cake you could actually eat).  Thankfully I was running around photographing the event and could therefore rationalize sampling every variety.  Funny how I can rationalize just about anything when baked goods are involved.  Overall it was a great getting to see so many familiar names.  Sometimes we vendors are ad neighbors in the magazines and have never met in person.


A night at Old New Blue

Whenever I get asked to photograph events I always try to get an idea of what the clients are looking for, what sort of activity will be taking place, and key things to get shots of.  When getting the details for this event at Old New Blue for New Orleans Bride magazine I got told several times to get pictures of the shoes.  You can bet that I spent a lot of time playing with lady's shoes while all the guest were chatting and enjoying food and drink.  If you're looking to get different stuff for your wedding, check them out!


Anniversary Fun

This is us.  We didn't go do something really fancy for our second wedding anniversary.  We stayed in with a bottle of wine, a camera, and a disaster of an apartment right before we moved. Time to start planning next year's anniversary portrait.


Simple life lessons from Jazzfest pictures

Jazzfest in New Orleans is known for its great musical lineup every year, but even if you're not into music, it provides for some amazing people watching opportunities.  Here are a few little lessons that are pretty applicable toward every day life.  Enjoy.

Turn around once in a while.  What you need might be right behind you.

Some days will be longer than others.  Pace yourself accordingly.

You won't please everybody.  Just keep dancing.

There's a lot of competition out there.  Know where you're going and get going early for the best results.

No explanation needed.


Annie and Brian - New Orleans Engagement Photography

The phrase "it's a small world" seems applicable in this situation.  One day my wife got a call from her boss asking if she had ever met a girl named Annie that he was interviewing.  She's a graphic designer/blogger and she happened to be from Ohio, not far from where we grew up.  Not only that, she actually worked at the same company as my wife before we moved down to New Orleans.  Although they'd never met, once she got hired on they became quick friends as the two Ohio people in the office. Annie eventually found her match in the form of a native west-banker named Brian and that, as they say, was that.  I was thrilled to go scouting and shooting in the Bywater just to get something different than the regular French Quarter stuff.  We played until the sun dropped and then wandered into a bar for a post shoot beverage.  It ended up turning into a chance encounter with the uber friendly Charmaine Neville who is a local in that area.  As I said in the beginning - small world.



Holly and Gibby - New Orleans Engagement Session

Originally from Colorado, Holly and Gibby moved to New Orleans to start their careers educating young minds.  We spent a couple hours running around Audubon Park taking advantage of a freakishly gorgeous day.  I might've been slightly preoccupied during their shoot because I was running my first half marathon the next day, but this is just one of those couples that you put next to each other, let them do their thing, and boom, beautiful picture.  We finished a great shoot for a great couple, and yes, I finished my 13.1 mile run the next day without dying.

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Baby to the Max!

Baby's are somewhat out of my comfort zone.  They just don't seem to listen when I give directions...   Max was well past that newborn "you can bend my body into a pretzel and I'll still sleep" phase, but luckily he was about as well behaved as I could ever ask for.  My style is well outside your typical baby photographer (because that's not my particular specialty), but we knew right away that we had a perfect image for printing cards.    Smiles and celebratory bottles all around.


Smitten with light

Light.  I love it.  I love seeing it in all its forms.  I love seeing it interact with and change environments.  I also love seeing places that take full advantage of good light.  I photographed an event at a house (mansion, more precisely) this weekend and kept finding myself staring at the amazing way the window light filled the rooms and gave everything a dreamy glow.


Zoo to Do

Zoo to Do is always an amazing event.  You really have to experience the zoo after hours, with what seems like hundreds of options for food and drink.  I need to make a public apology to the flamingos for taking so many pictures with flash.  I hope their eyes are okay...

The Ballet does it right

This event for the New Orleans Ballet had tables set up on the stage at Mahalia Jackson theater.  It was one of the prettier event setups I've gotten to witness.  The red theme, lighting, and centerpieces made for a beautiful atmosphere.  Having gorgeous dancers around didn't hurt either.