Nicole and Stefan's Wedding at the Southwest School of Art

Meet Nicole and Stefan. Nicole is from Texas and moved to New Orleans. There she met my wife and me, who are both from Ohio and moved to New Orleans. Then Nicole met a guy named Stefan. Stefan is from Ohio and also moved to New Orleans.  They had a good time together and eventually moved from New Orleans back to Ohio. Later on, they got engaged, woohoo!  They decided to get married in San Antonio and had me come in from New Orleans to photograph the wedding. And thus - the Ohioan/Louisianian married the Texan/Louisianian/Ohioan  and got photographed by an Ohioan/Louisianian in Texas. Phew.

The interesting series of events that led everybody together aside, I was thrilled to go to Texas to shoot their wedding. I went on a family vacation to San Antonio when I was a kid and only remember being bored on the riverwalk, eating at Dick's Last Resort and not understanding what the waiters were saying, and seeing a bird poop on my sister's leg. Needless to say, it was a much better experience as an adult. They picked out the Southwest School of Art for their venue, and if I could shoot at places like this every weekend, I'd be thrilled. In a word - gorgeous. The whole area was decorated with loads of vintage items provided by Sisters Vintage. It was a heck of a party!

A big congrats to Nicole and Stefan!