Heather and Jamie's Wedding in Olde Towne East

Heather and Jamie had a great, laid back ceremony at the Olde Towne Community Garden. Afterward, the crowd moved down the street for a reception in a building that must be full of stories - the site of the old Columbus Music Hall, and formerly Engine House No. 12. We did family pictures in the back patio area before we went for a walk around the neighborhood for portraits. Within a two block area we found graffiti, gardens, and plenty of passersby offering well wishes to the newlyweds. A big congrats to Heather and Jamie!

Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 01Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 02Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 03Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 04Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 05Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 06Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 07Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 08Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 09Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 10Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 11Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 12Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 13Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 14Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 15Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 16Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 17Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 18Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 19Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 20Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 21Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 22Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 23Old_Towne_Garden_Wedding 24


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