Some 2012 Wedding Favorites

What a year!  With my 2012 weddings all wrapped up, I wanted to look back at some of the awesome couples that I got to photograph.  Here are a few of my favorites in no particular order.  Thanks to all the couples I got to spend time with and the other photographers I've worked with for making all this happen. 2013 is going to be an unforgettable year.  In addition to a whole bunch of personal travel, I've already got spring weddings booked in four states.  For those of you shopping around for photographers, check out the Contact page now and get in on the good times!



Tiffani & Mike's Engagement Shoot

Recognize these two?  Well if you've read every single post on this blog like you should have then you'd know that I had the pleasure shooting their actual proposal last year.  It's so much fun to get to be a part of such an exciting time in people's lives!  After shooting the proposal, the engagement session was easy.  No nerves, no thunderstorms.  It was a beautiful day in City Park to wander around the oaks and fight off other photographers for the best spots.  Other photogs may have gotten to some cool spots first, but you know what they didn't have?  A couple that would climb trees. And throw leaves at each other because I half-jokingly mention it.  And a little dog that we fed a container full of turkey to.  Winner - me. (And Tiff and Mike do get some nice pictures, so I guess they win, too.)

Gretchen & Nolan's Destrehan Plantation Wedding

Gretchen saw some of my work from a previous wedding at the Mule Barn and must've fallen in love.  Not that it's very difficult.  The grounds of Destrehan Plantation are gorgeous and the Mule Barn is a great setting for a party.  I was really excited to go back.  We started off at a suite at the Hilton and they took a party bus to the plantation.  They had a sweet first look before we jumped into pictures around all the old plantation buildings, followed up by a perfect ceremony outside under a giant old oak tree and then an evening celebrating inside the barn.  It was a great day with a great couple! Congrats to Gretchen and Nolan!

Matt & Kim's New Orleans Wedding

I had the good fortune of working with Matt in my "before photography" life, so I was thrilled when he contacted me about photographing his wedding.  Both Matt and Kim hail from the north, so not only was I seeing familiar faces, but I got to see a lot of people from Ohio and Michigan enjoying a great New Orleans party.  The whole event took place at the New Orleans Opera Women's Guild house on Prytania.  In another series of random connections - my wife does graphic design work for the Opera, and I've taken pictures at multiple of their events.  The house is all that you'd expect of a beautiful old garden district mansion, which made a great setting for some very classy bride and groom pictures.  A great setting for a great couple. Congrats to Matt and Kim!


Samantha & Jared's City Park Wedding - New Orleans

These two came to me after having some issues with another photographer.  Or I should say it was the photographer who had issues because I guess they said they'd take four months to get pictures done and then stopped responding to emails.  Four months is... a crazy long time.  So I was really happy to jump in and help.  Following their first look, they had a great ceremony and reception at City Park's Pavilion of the Two Sisters.  I'm not gonna lie - they had an awesome candy bar and I ate way more gummy bears than I should have. Congrats to Samantha and Jared!