Doctors and Dentists - Commercial Photography

You know when you open the magazines on airplanes and there are always large spreads of ads for major hospitals or high profile doctors?  Well I do that stuff, too.  Ok, maybe not for in flight magazines yet, but I've photographed my fair share of doctors and dentists and lawyers for advertisements. Here are a few from some recent shoots.


The circle of photo life

So many times I take pictures of stuff for magazines and never get to see the full impact of the images.  Last night, I went to cover an event for a different publication like I always do, and since I long ago stopped researching what these events were, I was surprised to show up and see this frame with the picture I took.  It's nice seeing my work in print.  And framed.  And displayed to a ballroom full of people that paid $250 a seat to attend. See the story of that shoot here.


The King of Zulu

I called the number I was given and asked for the president of Zulu, quickly realizing that I made a verbal slip and confused my forms of leadership.  A person is president of the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club, while another is King of the Krewe of Zulu.  The latter is the one that has ceremonial duties and wear's elaborate costumes while riding in the parade on Mardi Gras, and that's the guy I wanted.  After we got that straightened out, I met Elroy (King, not president) at the Zulu headquarters for a quick shoot before their meeting.  It was cool getting to see the hangout of the krewe responsible for the black and gold coconuts that everybody loses their sanity over on Mardi Gras.


The Tillers

I don't get a chance to research most of the people I'm asked to photograph, so unless it's a major business owner or celebrity, I just make sure I've read the latest weather forecast and sports statistics so we have stuff to chat about.  For these two I showed up while the writer was in their home interviewing them.  I got my lights set up and joined the group at the table while they wrapped up their talk.  In the few minutes of conversation that I caught, I quickly realized that they were being profiled because between the two of them they're involved in a ridiculous number of social causes.  This is one of those couples that you should just shake hands with and say "Thanks for all you do."


Best in Dining

New Orleans Magazine's Best In Dining event was recently held at Muriel's in the French Quarter.  I was able to get a shot of the sweets display before a little girl walked up and started touching all of them.  How do I stay thin with the constant availability of great buffet food?  I just pretend that every event has one of these little food handlers and things become less appetizing.  :/