Tiffani & Mike's Engagement Shoot

Recognize these two?  Well if you've read every single post on this blog like you should have then you'd know that I had the pleasure shooting their actual proposal last year.  It's so much fun to get to be a part of such an exciting time in people's lives!  After shooting the proposal, the engagement session was easy.  No nerves, no thunderstorms.  It was a beautiful day in City Park to wander around the oaks and fight off other photographers for the best spots.  Other photogs may have gotten to some cool spots first, but you know what they didn't have?  A couple that would climb trees. And throw leaves at each other because I half-jokingly mention it.  And a little dog that we fed a container full of turkey to.  Winner - me. (And Tiff and Mike do get some nice pictures, so I guess they win, too.)

Tessa & Ellis - Audubon Park Engagement Session

Tessa and I used to work together, and it's always great when I get contacted by people from my past life in the corporate world.  The calls are unexpected and usually come with fun news about engagements or parties.  I get to catch up with old friends and part of me is always flattered that they thought of me after all this time. I was in Ohio for another shoot when I got Tessa's message saying that she and Ellis got engaged.  Knowing that Ellis is an avid golfer, it came as no surprise that they were having their wedding at a golf resort.  The fun surprise was that it was in Alabama so I get a change of scenery :)  I'm certainly looking forward to catching up again next year, and capturing some great moments at the wedding!