New Orleans Bride Magazine at The Cannery

New Orleans Bride magazine held another vendor social at The Cannery on Toulouse.  I had yet to make it to The Cannery, so it was great to see another venue in the city.  This is a place that seems well arranged to host weddings (as opposed to a place that sort of just decided to start hosting weddings).  It's got a long entry way, a big open area for the main party, and little nooks with couches where people can break off and sit down.  Hopefully I'll get back here in the fall for a wedding! new orleans bride magazinenew orleans bride magazinenew orleans bride magazinenew orleans bride magazinenew orleans bride magazinenew orleans bride magazine

Cake Pops! Oh, and a New Orleans Bride event

I do some work for New Orleans Bride magazine, including photographing a vendor event that they've started hosting twice a year.  They get a great group of the city's wedding professionals gets together for some drinks, food, and networking at the Ritz-Carlton.  And let's not forget the cake pops.  It's unhealthy how much I love cake pops.  Quite literally - unhealthy.

New Orleans Bride - The show

Thanks to everybody who came to see us on Wednesday.  We're excited to have so many new people that we get to work with! Just a quick note about show follow-ups - We sent out emails on Thursday, but I've gotten word that some of them got directed into spam/junk folders.  People that didn't want them can happily leave the message there, but since you're here reading this, I assume you actually wanted the information we sent.  So either check your email's spam/junk folder for the original message or just email me directly at and I'll respond with what you're looking for.

Happy wedding planning!