Josh and Virginia's New Orleans Wedding

There were just so many good things happening in Josh and Virginia's wedding. They made their way from California and were treated to perfect March weather in New Orleans.  The Tree of Life, a massive and storied oak tree just outside the walls of the zoo, provided an amazing setting for their ceremony.  A charter bus took us through St. Patrick's weekend parades into the French Quarter for the reception at Pat O's Briar Suite. Beads were thrown from the balcony, pies were eaten (appropriate for the most Pi of all Pi-Days - 3.14.15) and the best dance moves I've ever seen by people in superhero masks were shown off. I lost sight of them at the end of the night as they trailed off through a packed Bourbon St. before I could tell them what an awesome time I had with them, but the pictures should make that pretty clear.

A big congrats to Virginia and Josh!



Nikki and John's Wedding at San Francisco Plantation

Getting to spend time with good people is one of the most fulfilling parts of being a wedding photographer. I photographed Nikki's sister's wedding a couple years ago and was so happy when they asked me back after Nikki got engaged. This was my eighth trip to the south this year, but being around so many familiar faces made this one especially feel like home away from home. The wedding ceremony was held at St. Michaels and was followed by a trip down River Rd. to San Francisco Plantation for the reception. The room was full of the little lights that photographers love, as well as loads of decorations, including trees with Christmas ornaments for guests. And they had donuts. I may have eaten more than one of the donuts.

A big congrats to Nikki and John!

Emily and Roby's Halloween Wedding in New Orleans

Ok, technically this was on Dia de los Muertos not Halloween, but same idea, and either way, they rocked the theme.  There were too many fun little details to count, from the noisemaker favors to the personalized skull "bouquets" to the awesome flesh cake, and on and on.  Emily and Roby were nothing but fun and laughs the entire day.  I was so happy to be a part of their wedding! A big congrats to Emily and Roby!


Emily and Isaac's New Orleans Engagement Session

I know Emily and Isaac from my past life in corporate America, and was thrilled when they contacted me after their engagement.  We live in different parts of the country, but were able to make good use of Halloween weekend in New Orleans to do their engagement pictures.  I can't wait for their wedding in Michigan next year! sitting on a bridgeaudubon park bridgewillow treedancing in jackson squarebourbon streetjackson square engagement session


Parkway Bakery - A portrait of the chef

Who here watches "Chopped" on the Food Network? There have been a handful of chefs from New Orleans compete on the show and by assignment or accident, I've photographed at least three or four of them. Parkway Bakery and Tavern is a well known place to grab a po-boy, and their chef, Justin Kennedy, was a contestant on Chopped that I went to photograph for an ad. I had totally forgotten that somebody from Parkway had been on the show when I got there, but as soon as I saw him I did one of those "hey, I recognize you!" jumps. He was a super nice guy, and makes a mean po-boy. justin kennedy chopped

Lorraine and Adrian's New Orleans Wedding

Lorraine and Adrian made the trip all the way from California to throw one heck of a party. It was a beautiful day all around.  They had their ceremony at Our Lady of Guadalupe and took an epic second line through the French quarter to Pat O'Brien's for a beverage stop.  We made some stops around the quarter for pictures before heading off to the Elms Mansion. The dance party went on after sundown and everybody had an amazing time! Congrats to Lorraine and Adrian!

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Candace and Jared's Wedding at New Orleans City Park

You might remember these two from their engagement session last year. We had a great time then so I knew we'd have have no problems come wedding day.  Sure enough, Candace and Jared had a perfect day from start to finish. We started off getting ready in Destrehan before party buses whisked everybody off to City Park for the ceremony and reception. I had the bonus pleasure of seeing several couples from previous weddings and catching up what everybody was doing. Congrats to Candace and Jared!

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Chris and Jessica's Wedding at the Irish Cultural Museum

One of the fantastic things about working in both New Orleans and Ohio is that when the weather sucks in one place, I get to go elsewhere to to shoot weddings. I'm looking at you, Ohio winters and New Orleans Augusts.  Jessica and Chris made a brilliant decision to get out of Pennsylvania in February for their wedding and got to enjoy a perfect day in the French Quarter for their wedding.  The intimate ceremony and reception were held at the Irish Cultural Museum, with a fun second line parade around the block.  We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day! Congrats to Chris and Jessica!

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Antioch College in New Orleans

I love when jobs come in from unexpected places! A friend of mine who works with Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio contacted me and said they wanted to write about one of their students for an alumni newsletter; the sort of thing that says "this is what our students are doing." One of their students, Elijah, happened to be doing a co-op in New Orleans for the Center for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal. I happened to be in New Orleans as well, so we connected and took a few shots at his office and then at the house he was helping renovate (a very "New Orleans" task). They definitely weren't on my planned shot list, but I really hope they use the images of Elijah juggling mirlitons. Nothing says school in New Orleans like juggling mirlitons in front of a chalkboard!

center for ethical livingelijah blantonantioch college


Zoe & Jeffrey's Wedding at the Foundry

Zoe and Jeffrey came in from Atlanta so they could enjoy all the wonderful things offered by a New Orleans' wedding - a first look in the French Quarter, second line parades, and the glorious weather that one gets in March. The ceremony and reception were at the Foundry, a cool venue in the warehouse district. Check out some of the pictures!

The Steve Gleason Foundation and Wounded Warrior Amputees Flag Football Game

The Steve Gleason Foundation and The Wounded Warrior Amputees teamed up a couple days before the Superbowl to play a flag football game.  Being familiar with the Steve Gleason story and his foundation, I volunteered to shoot this event when I heard about it.  I'm not one to get overly emotional at events, but there was such an amazing atmosphere at this.  Groups of people who have encountered extremely difficult circumstances, fighting to make their lives and the lives of others better.  Seeing the lineup of NFL players show up to support the cause;  seeing the soldier amputees answering questions of crowds of high school kids; and hearing Steve Gleason address the crowd (thanks to some impressive technology); you can't help but be moved. This was one of those events that sticks with you for a while, leaves you wanting to use your time better, do more with what you have, and stop complaining about all the trivial little inconveniences in your life.

Thanks guys~

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Jennifer & Brady's Wedding at the House of Blues

2013 got off to a wild start for us with a big bridal show in Ohio on Jan 5/6  while I was down in New Orleans shooting weddings on both of those days.  Jennifer and Brady's wedding at the House of Blues in New Orleans was the first of 2013, and I can only hope that the rest are as much fun.  The House of Blues was a great setting for her bridal session that we did in December.  These two had some great little details that I loved; a break apart bouquet made of little voodoo dolls so everybody could catch a piece during the bouquet toss, cool pins worn by the guys, and a Star Trek pin on the garter (I may or may not own the entire DVD set of Start Trek TNG).  It was also awesome when Brady's dad jumped on stage and played with the band for a while.  Seeing these personal touches in weddings is what makes them so much fun to photograph. Congrats to Jennifer and Brady!

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Jennifer's Bridal Shoot at the House of Blues

I was looking forward to shooting Jennifer and Brady's wedding at the House of Blues for a while, if for no other reason than so I could finally post some of the pictures from her bridal shoot.  Well their wedding last night was awesome AND I get to to post the bridal pictures.  Hopefully these will hold everybody over until I can get some of the wedding pictures up!

Some 2012 Wedding Favorites

What a year!  With my 2012 weddings all wrapped up, I wanted to look back at some of the awesome couples that I got to photograph.  Here are a few of my favorites in no particular order.  Thanks to all the couples I got to spend time with and the other photographers I've worked with for making all this happen. 2013 is going to be an unforgettable year.  In addition to a whole bunch of personal travel, I've already got spring weddings booked in four states.  For those of you shopping around for photographers, check out the Contact page now and get in on the good times!



April & Sergio's New Orleans Wedding

As soon as I met April I knew we'd have fun.  I normally find myself trying holding back on my typically excessive use of the words "dude" and "awesome" in wedding conversations, but felt no such urge to do so here.  She's the cousin of a friend of mine and a roller derby girl, so there was no shortage of laughs.  Really, check out the picture of the crowd in church during their ceremony.  Who else has that much fun in church?!  She's the only bride I've worked with so far who has successfully rocked a luchador mask on the dance floor. Oh, and they had cake pops at the reception at the Napoleon House.  If you've read much of this blog, you know that I'm hopelessly addicted to cake pops.

Congrats to April and Sergio!

Wedding gif fun

There are a few moments during a wedding where I'll come close to holding the shutter button down on rapid fire to catch the action.  First looks are one such moment, and right after announcing the newly married couple is another.  Finding these fun little series of images keeps me sane while I spend a few days in a dark office editing the weekend's weddings.  Making little wedding gifs out of them is even more fun.  :)


Mike's On The Avenue - Food Photography

I've photographed at Mike's on the Avenue a couple of times for different publications.  This time it was for his amberjack skewers, which looked and smelled fantastic.  Unfortunately I didn't get to eat these.  Oh well, judging by what I've seen so far, I'll probably be back.

A month of delicious jobs - Food Photography

August has been a month of afternoons spent going to restaurants all over the place to photograph food of all sorts.  One project alone has had me out to over 70 restaurants.  It's been great to see (and in many cases eat at) so many of the amazing restaurants, cafes, diners, and bars that this city has to offer.  I'll share some more work once things start getting published.  Until then, I'll just be over here planning my diet for September! Update:  The New Orleans restaurant guide is done and out!


Meat, delicious meat - Toup's Meatery

This was another case of not knowing what to expect out of a dish.  I was told to photograph the "charcuterie board" at Toup's Meatery and I had to look up what charcuterie even meant.  It's always a pleasant surprise when they come out with a big board full of food that's both visually interesting and great tasting.