Vinay and Ketal's Wedding at Crown Plaza

  As a lover of color and culture, an Indian wedding had been on my photographer's bucket list from day one.  I'm so thankful that I happened to have a meeting with another couple at the same Starbucks on the same day at nearly the same time that these two had a meeting with another photographer, and that they invited me over to talk with them after our first meetings ended. I can't imagine running into two people that would've invited me in and introduced me to their families, food, music, and customs in a better way than Vinay and Ketal.

I could drool for days over the details in the clothes and jewelry alone. The baraat reminded me of so many second line parades I experienced in New Orleans.  Their ceremony combined both Hindu and Christian elements. Add in great food and a heck of a dance party and you've got an idea about how much fun this was.

A huge congrats to Vinay and Ketal!!