Jenna and Jimi's Wedding at Crowne Plaza Downtown

Jimi and Jenna got married at the gorgeous St. Mary's church in German Village. After the ceremony, we went down the road to Schiller Park for some portraits. We used the same area for their engagement session back in January, but needless to say, it's a little different when it's more than 10 degrees outside. The reception took place at the Crowne Plaza Downtown and the band Next Exit kept the crowd moving all evening. Jimi even joined in on guitar for a blues number! A big congrats to Jimi and Jenna!

Jenna and Jimi's Engagement Session

During our initial meeting, I mentioned wanting to try a snowy engagement shoot, and Jenna and Jimi jumped on board with the idea. Well after one snow in mid-November, there was nothing for almost two months and we were running out of time. One morning I woke up to white stuff on the ground and in the sky, and we all gave a "yay!" and arranged to go out that afternoon. Three hours later the snow stopped and the sun was out. Best laid plans, eh?

Despite the lack of falling snow, there was plenty on the ground, so we ran around outside until losing feeling in our toes. We eventually made our way into a coffee shop for some warmth before calling it a night.

Maybe we'll get some snow for the wedding. In July. It could happen, right?