Emily and Isaac's New Orleans Engagement Session

I know Emily and Isaac from my past life in corporate America, and was thrilled when they contacted me after their engagement.  We live in different parts of the country, but were able to make good use of Halloween weekend in New Orleans to do their engagement pictures.  I can't wait for their wedding in Michigan next year! sitting on a bridgeaudubon park bridgewillow treedancing in jackson squarebourbon streetjackson square engagement session

Source: http://www.shoot2studios.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/EI-20141102172526.jpg

Kevin & Sarah's Wedding at the New Orleans Wax Museum

I spent the day before St. Patrick's Day celebrating with Kevin and Sarah. I don't think they could've planned things more perfectly - A first look at the Irish Cultural museum (fitting given their Irish roots) and a wedding next door at the Musee Conti (also known as the New Orleans Wax Museum). Oh, and a word on their second line parade. Second lines are always fun experiences, especially in the French Quarter where you see all the tourists flocking to see why police are parting crowds. Do that over a holiday weekend when the crowds are way larger than normal and things get almost surreal. Photographing this one was such an awesome experience! Congrats to Sarah and Kevin!

Bright, colorful cookware

I stopped by the Ace Hardware in New Orleans to shoot some of their products for advertisements.  A few products were tossed up as options, but as soon as I saw the colors on this cookware I jumped at it.  Clean, bright, colorful - I could picture this stuff in my kitchen.  I'm sure my wife could picture it in our kitchen as well.  Maybe I should hide this picture.  :)

Some 2012 Wedding Favorites

What a year!  With my 2012 weddings all wrapped up, I wanted to look back at some of the awesome couples that I got to photograph.  Here are a few of my favorites in no particular order.  Thanks to all the couples I got to spend time with and the other photographers I've worked with for making all this happen. 2013 is going to be an unforgettable year.  In addition to a whole bunch of personal travel, I've already got spring weddings booked in four states.  For those of you shopping around for photographers, check out the Contact page now and get in on the good times!



Amy & Jake's French Quarter Engagement Session

I often get asked if I get tired of shooting in the French Quarter, and the answer is always a definite "never!"  I rarely use the same spots multiple times, and if I do, I don't use them in the same way.  Add to that the fact that there always seems to be something going on, and you have a place with a huge amount of variety.  The Oyster Festival was going on the night I went around with Amy and Jake and we got to use the crowds to add some atmosphere to the pictures. In yet another of example of "small world" encounters I've had - These two found me through a bridal show I did earlier in the year.  As it turns out that I actually used to work with Jake's dad.  Little connections are always fun.  :)

Holly & Greg's French Quarter Engagement Session

Being a photographer teaches to you rush into situations that most people would rather be rushing out of.  Big events going on?  Gotta go take pictures.  It's nighttime in run down areas?  Gotta go take pictures.  It's been raining all day and you have an engagement session you might need to reschedule?  Nah, gotta go take pictures. Holly and Greg got engaged at the St. Louis Hotel (now Hotel Mazarin), so they wanted to come back and do some of their engagement pictures there.  The fact that it had been raining all day and suddenly cleared up only minutes before I met with them meant that the entire hotel courtyard was empty, the chairs tilted to prevent water from pooling, and... water everywhere.  But did I mention it was empty?  Having the whole courtyard to ourselves was a rare luxury and let us all relax and take some great pictures.  By the time we ventured out for a few shots in the quarter it had turned into a genuinely nice night.

One of the only picture requests they had was a shot in front of Preservation Hall.  But, as tends to happen, there was a big line in front totally blocking the view of the exterior.  It was also completely dark by the time we got there.  Luck smiled on us again when the girl working the door saw that we were struggling to shoot around the people and actually invited us into the courtyard to take whatever pictures we wanted.  Great end to a great session.

Photo booth fun!

We did a photo booth setup at one of the last weddings, and I have to say, some of these pictures had me laughing out loud.  The photo booth brings out one of those weird little quirks of human nature.  Most people are normally a little wary of being in front of a camera, but set up a light and a backdrop and everybody opens up.  Those planning weddings should take note: photo booths = instant fun.