A badass and his cats

We took an afternoon trip down to Key West to unwind after a day of shooting.  I like cats and I like reading, so soon enough we ended up at the Hemingway house, surrounded by offspring of his pets.  I never went through a major Hemingway phase in high school or college like some guys I know, but after getting a little more of his life story, I can understand the draw.  He was a man's man; a hunter, a fisherman, a hard drinking wounded war veteran with a slew of personal problems.  I'm imagining his original cats hitting the saucer pretty hard at the local tavern while swapping stories about claw scars and great bird hunts. The current feline occupants are extremely tame and I got to rub many a kitty's belly while I was there.


Source: http://www.shoot2studios.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/HemCat-2.jpg

Kristen and Drew - A wedding in the Keys

To the surprise of many, I was in a fraternity in college.  If you're conjuring up images of John Belushi right now, just stop.  Think instead of a large collection of smart, well balanced, student leaders.  Damn stereotypes...  But it was in the fraternity that I met Drew, and I was excited that he contacted me several years after graduation to ask me to photograph his wedding.  Not just any wedding though, this one was in the Florida Keys.  I had a stop in the Keys on my honeymoon cruise and was grateful for the chance to go back. Drew and Kristen had the run of Hawks Cay on Duck Key, one of those big resorts where everything seems too nice for me.  A quick ceremony followed by a great party is the way to go.  More than half the wedding guests met up for dinner on another island the next day which made for a great end to the event.  I look forward to my next destination wedding, even more so if it's with old friends.

Source: http://www.shoot2studios.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/S2-KD-20.jpg