Acadiana Profile - Best New Restaurants Cover Feature

Once again I was sent across the state to photograph a handful of restaurants for inclusion in AP's Best New Restaurants cover feature.  As luck would have it, the sky turned black and a ridiculous rainstorm hit as I was approaching my second stop, the Freetown Fries food truck that they wanted to use for the cover. We had a deadline to meet and I was already on the road, so I met the owner, Marla, at the truck anyway, and had my assistant keep the lights from blowing away while I stood in the rain to get the exterior shots.  A lot of rain and a lot of Photoshop later and we had our cover. You'd never know, right? The weather eased up as we headed west and inside to shoot interiors and eat good food at other locations.  Another long but successful day on the road!

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Steakhouses across Louisiana

When tasked with shooting a steakhouse cover feature for a statewide magazine, I managed to pull off another logistical miracle by scheduling times with six restaurants in one day. Oh, and there was about 750 miles of driving in there too.  I love getting to meet all these restaurant owners and chefs to take pictures while they show off what they do best. food photographer

ohio steakhouses

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Impromptu Headshots

What do you do when you were hired to do pretty generic coverage of a short daytime event and they ask you to throw in some headshots for their website?  After hiding the fact that you don't have the ideal equipment on hand, you discuss usage and payment, and then find the cleanest solid background available near a window.   I won't win an award for technical perfection, but for a single light source and one minute of notice, everybody ended up happy.


Satsuma on Maple Street - Food Photography

I was surprised that I hadn't been to Satsuma yet.  It was all of five minutes from where I lived and through all the publications I'd worked for I'd been just about everywhere.  But I got the call and ventured over at the end of a busy lunch rush, where they made the sandwich and juice that I had to photograph.  I'm not one to drink fancy juice concoctions on a regular basis, but this one was good.  I honestly have no idea what was in it, but who cares, it was refreshing. There are two locations as of now - check it out.

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La Petite Grocery - Food Photography

A while back I did a few photographs of the food at La Petite Grocery for a magazine ad. The plates looked beautiful!  We also worked around the lunch crowd to get a few interior shots.  I distinctly remember there being a giant wooden pig (or maybe it was a bear) at the entrance.  It's New Orleans, why not?  Check out La Petite Grocery here. columbus food photographycolumbus food photographer

Mike's On The Avenue - Food Photography

I've photographed at Mike's on the Avenue a couple of times for different publications.  This time it was for his amberjack skewers, which looked and smelled fantastic.  Unfortunately I didn't get to eat these.  Oh well, judging by what I've seen so far, I'll probably be back.

A month of delicious jobs - Food Photography

August has been a month of afternoons spent going to restaurants all over the place to photograph food of all sorts.  One project alone has had me out to over 70 restaurants.  It's been great to see (and in many cases eat at) so many of the amazing restaurants, cafes, diners, and bars that this city has to offer.  I'll share some more work once things start getting published.  Until then, I'll just be over here planning my diet for September! Update:  The New Orleans restaurant guide is done and out!


Meat, delicious meat - Toup's Meatery

This was another case of not knowing what to expect out of a dish.  I was told to photograph the "charcuterie board" at Toup's Meatery and I had to look up what charcuterie even meant.  It's always a pleasant surprise when they come out with a big board full of food that's both visually interesting and great tasting.

The Zombie Cakepopalypse!

We like to have fun around here, if that hasn't become obvious yet.  When I told Jenny that I'd like some cake pops instead of a traditional birthday cake, she jumped at the idea.  But since we can't do anything without turning it into an art project, she decided to make the cake pops into little people and yes, little zombies. She disappeared into the kitchen to make various flavors of cake pops, carefully icing and placing each of their little eyes.  I set up and lit our scene so we could take a few pictures of our creations.  I always tell people that I spend a lot of time "playing" with food while I photograph it, but in this case, were literally playing with these guys, making them go after each other, picking out who we thought should survive and who should get eaten.

Dessert should always be this fun.

The circle of photo life

So many times I take pictures of stuff for magazines and never get to see the full impact of the images.  Last night, I went to cover an event for a different publication like I always do, and since I long ago stopped researching what these events were, I was surprised to show up and see this frame with the picture I took.  It's nice seeing my work in print.  And framed.  And displayed to a ballroom full of people that paid $250 a seat to attend. See the story of that shoot here.


Sunday at Emeril's

Emeril has a handful of restaurants in New Orleans and makes appearances during a handful of events throughout the year.  This was the third year in a row that I've photographed the Sunday at Emeril's event, and it seems to get bigger every year.  The restaurant staff ran their butts off to pull off another well orchestrated service for all the guests and honorees.


Lifetime Achievement - Bill Goldring

This guy is getting all sorts of well deserved awards lately.  I photographed Bill for a profile on his upcoming Ella Brennan Lifetime Achievement award.  I won't go into detail as you probably know the story - successful business owner does tons of philanthropic work.  All I can speak to is my personal interaction.  My only direction on this shoot was to do something out of the office, so we got Bill on the phone and he actually had people on forklifts moving pallets around for me.  If all his philanthropy stuff doesn't work out, I'll at least vouch for the fact that he was really accommodating to one lowly photographer.


Acadiana Profile Magazine Cover Shot

I had to get a cover shot for Acadiana Profile Magazine, and here's the result of one very long day on the road photographing restaurants.   We might've ruined a few pizza doughs in the process of getting this shot.  :)


You smell fantastic

Yes, delicious crepes suzette sitting in front of me, I'm talking to you.  How can you expect me to photograph you when I'm getting scents of citrus and berries and I've been left alone in Arnaud's before opening.  I haven't eaten anything yet today and the first thing I have to photograph is a dessert.  I'm sorry, crepes suzette, I think in a few short minutes you'll be breakfast.


Finally - the Palace Cafe

Being located on the edge of the Quarter, I've probably walked past the Palace Cafe two hundred times without ever going in.  I've taken pictures of the iconic sign on the outside, but never had the urge to venture inside.  Thankfully one of the magazines gave me an excuse to go inside.  I had to shoot a Cobb salad (and a pretty good one at that - thick cut bacon is fantastic), and as usual I made small talk with some of the people inside while waiting on the kitchen.  The interior is larger and more elaborate than I would've assumed from the outside.  The upstairs walls are covered with murals and photos of musicians.  If I heard correctly, the building used to be connected to music publisher P.P Werlein.  I'll let wikipedia tell you about old P.P.


Something healthful for a change

I love photographing food, but let's face it, New Orleans isn't known for having the healthiest of menus.  Often the subject is fried or cheesy, neither of which leave me with many options for incorporating color into the photographs.  I pray to be assigned a fruit plate one of these days.  Until then, I'll be happy with Herbsaint's salad.  It's green, vibrant, pretty looking.  I'll eat fried meat whenever it's available, but I prefer to look at this.



And now for Cream of Garlic Soup

I skipped through a sudden rainstorm to get to Bayona, one of those places that's sort of hidden away on one of the lesser traveled streets of the Quarter.  Soup is great to photograph when you're soaking wet.  It's even better to eat when you're soaking wet.