Fish in a bag at Borgne

Such a humble name for such a fantastic dish at Borgne, New Orleans.  Chef Brian Landry seemed almost apologetic when he brought it out, saying "it's not the prettiest" and "you've got your work cut out for you."  I think that the apparent simplicity of it is what makes it great.  Fish, cooked inside a bag to keep all the flavors and moisture in, covered with all sorts of goodies and opened just before serving, steaming and delicious.  I'd photograph (and eat) stuff like this every day if I could.

Doctors and Dentists - Commercial Photography

You know when you open the magazines on airplanes and there are always large spreads of ads for major hospitals or high profile doctors?  Well I do that stuff, too.  Ok, maybe not for in flight magazines yet, but I've photographed my fair share of doctors and dentists and lawyers for advertisements. Here are a few from some recent shoots.


Artist Profile - Chestee Harrington

Artist Chestee Harrington was in town for Mardi Gras so we made arrangements to knock out some pictures (saving me a trip to Lafayette).  We had the run of a sparsely furnished house on St. Charles and quickly got what we needed.  Being that Fat Tuesday was approaching, we couldn't help but get harassed by a passing beggar.  Now before you accuse me of being insensitive to beggars... the guy asked us for laundry detergent (??), and when we said we couldn't help him (we were both visiting a practically empty house), he gruffly accused us of lying and wandered off muttering to himself.  I guess I need to start carrying detergents around in addition to my pocket change.


This tastes local

This is an excellent example of keeping things local.  Pizzicare's Nola Roots Garden Pie is a veggie pizza topped with locally grown ingredients.  I'm sure fresh ingredients helps in making things taste better.  Knowing that local businesses are supporting one another also tastes good.