Annie and Brian - New Orleans Engagement Photography

The phrase "it's a small world" seems applicable in this situation.  One day my wife got a call from her boss asking if she had ever met a girl named Annie that he was interviewing.  She's a graphic designer/blogger and she happened to be from Ohio, not far from where we grew up.  Not only that, she actually worked at the same company as my wife before we moved down to New Orleans.  Although they'd never met, once she got hired on they became quick friends as the two Ohio people in the office. Annie eventually found her match in the form of a native west-banker named Brian and that, as they say, was that.  I was thrilled to go scouting and shooting in the Bywater just to get something different than the regular French Quarter stuff.  We played until the sun dropped and then wandered into a bar for a post shoot beverage.  It ended up turning into a chance encounter with the uber friendly Charmaine Neville who is a local in that area.  As I said in the beginning - small world.