The circle of photo life

So many times I take pictures of stuff for magazines and never get to see the full impact of the images.  Last night, I went to cover an event for a different publication like I always do, and since I long ago stopped researching what these events were, I was surprised to show up and see this frame with the picture I took.  It's nice seeing my work in print.  And framed.  And displayed to a ballroom full of people that paid $250 a seat to attend. See the story of that shoot here.


Lifetime Achievement - Bill Goldring

This guy is getting all sorts of well deserved awards lately.  I photographed Bill for a profile on his upcoming Ella Brennan Lifetime Achievement award.  I won't go into detail as you probably know the story - successful business owner does tons of philanthropic work.  All I can speak to is my personal interaction.  My only direction on this shoot was to do something out of the office, so we got Bill on the phone and he actually had people on forklifts moving pallets around for me.  If all his philanthropy stuff doesn't work out, I'll at least vouch for the fact that he was really accommodating to one lowly photographer.