A little bit about albums

For those of you interested in getting albums but haven't been able to meet with me in person, I've uploaded a few pictures to show you a little bit about them. First, there are two basic cover types - Photographic and Leather.  You should be able to figure out which is which in the pictures!  The photographic cover albums are great because we can design custom covers using your images.

Bindings - These albums have a lay-flat design with a very small center seam, so they can sit fully open without damaging the book.

Page counts - Base albums have 20 pages for images, which equates to roughly 50-60 pictures.  Additional pages can be added two at a time if you'd like to include more pictures.

Pages - The pictures are printed onto thick board mount pages so they don't bend (unless you force them) and won't tear (unless you really go after them).  The albums pictured have been to multiple wedding shows, have had cake and champagne spilled on them, and had thousands of people flip through them and still look like new.

Spines - The photographic cover can have custom text added.  The leather albums can only have text added to the front cover.

The leather albums can have custom text embossed onto the front cover.