Kristin and Michael's Wedding at Station 67

When  you have a bright, rainbow of colors in your decor and cupcakes, and a rainbow happens to appear in the afternoon? Yes, that happened. On a day with nothing but bright blue skies, a rainbow appeared over Columbus. We got views from Station 67 before going back inside for the reception. But really... Kristin and Michael - making rainbows happen!

2015 Wedding Favorites

I could spend ages going through pictures and writing about everything that I got to be a part of in 2015. So many great stories, so many great people, in a lot of wonderful places. I froze my butt off shooting in the snow and got soaked shooting in the rain. I shot on New Years's Eve, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Halloween. I shot a same sex wedding the day after the supreme court ruling. I shot a wedding just hours after watching my first child come into the world. With over 40 weddings last year it would be impossible to pick just a few favorites, so I narrowed it down to however many pictures are below. A huge thanks to everybody who let me have some fun with them last year! 2016 is looking bigger and better, and I can't wait to get started!

Busy busy busy

Greetings, picture lovers! The last few months have been quite the ride, with trips down to New Orleans and all around Ohio, loads of great weddings and engagement shoots, offices full of head shots, corporate and charity events, and anything else I'm forgetting. Personally, I ran my fourth full marathon, got a little teary-eyed as I had to get rid of the truck I'd been driving for 15 years, and Jenny and I have watched our newborn transition into a smiley, chubby pile of adorable baby fat. November will have me back in Cleveland, Cincinnati, all around Columbus, and finally in New Orleans again for jobs. Basically, all of the above is my excuse for being way behind on blogging for the last couple months. I'll catch up over the winter, but I at least wanted to get some of the recent stuff up. So here ya go!









20150905 ST2




20150926 HD2-20150926200041


Lauren and Bryan's Wedding at La Malfa

One of the challenges of shooting weddings can be jumping into other people's big family events and trying to learn names and all the subtle relationships between everybody in a very short period of time. But when the bride is a relative (dad's cousin's daughter, whatever that's considered), I get to show up, see a bunch of familiar faces, and do my thing. Lauren and Bryan had their ceremony at St. Michael's in Independence, after which we drove to the gorgeous Holden Arboretum for sun, pictures, and lots of bees. La Malfa served great food and provide a wonderful setting for speeches, dancing, and shots through the ice sculpture a the reception.

A big congrats to Lauren and Bryan!



Megan and Mahmoud's Wedding at Easton Hilton

Fact: I have never seen so many people cry during an exchange of vows as during Mahmoud and Megan's wedding. This wasn't just a particularly emotional group, but had to do with the incredible conviction and sincerity with which they spoke to each other. Mahmoud and Megan brought together a mix of cultures in a bond between truly good people, truly in love.  This is one I could go on and on about, but I'm a photographer before I'm a writer, so I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story... A huge congrats to Mahmoud and Megan!

Lauren and Terance's Wedding at Scioto Reserve

The first day of August became the first day of Lauren and Terance's marriage, celebrated at the Scioto Reserve Country Club. We took a golf cart for a spin around the area for some portraits after a sunny ceremony.  The reception was full of good food, an awesome candy bar, and a late night french fry station for people to refuel after tons of dancing. They made an exit through a crowd of sparklers to end an amazing wedding day! Congrats to Lauren and Terance!

Rachel and Joe's Wedding at the Darby House

Rachel and Joe's wedding was exactly the sort that makes me love my job. She and I went to the same high school forever ago, and we were able to reconnect so I could photograph the wedding.  The Darby House set the stage for this group of fun, genuine people to gather for the ceremony and reception on a perfect July day. Ok, there were a few a ton of mosquitoes, but other than that it was perfect. They have a great story about the first time they met and Joe did some cheesy dance moves for her, not knowing that she taught dance. I expected to see a few good moves during the reception, but I ended up being blown away by a sock explosion and then the best impromptu Thriller choreography I've ever witnessed.

Congrats to Rachel and Joe!!

Renee and Vaughn's Greek Orthodox Cathedral Wedding

Greek weddings are always a blast and Renee and Vaughn’s didn’t disappoint! We did everything at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in the short north, starting with a beautifully musical ceremony. After coming out in a shower of bubbles, we used the grounds of the church for portraits before heading inside for a series of teary eyed speeches and dizzying Greek dancing. Congrats to Renee and Vaughn!

Jenna and Jimi's Wedding at Crowne Plaza Downtown

Jimi and Jenna got married at the gorgeous St. Mary's church in German Village. After the ceremony, we went down the road to Schiller Park for some portraits. We used the same area for their engagement session back in January, but needless to say, it's a little different when it's more than 10 degrees outside. The reception took place at the Crowne Plaza Downtown and the band Next Exit kept the crowd moving all evening. Jimi even joined in on guitar for a blues number! A big congrats to Jimi and Jenna!

Trevor and Brittney's COSI Planetarium Wedding

I was really excited to photograph Trevor and Brittney's wedding as it was a break from some of the typical wedding things I see regularly. They had their ceremony at the COSI Planetarium, which was the perfect center point for the space theme of the wedding. All of the little details, from the vibrant flowers, to the celestial ties, to star name table markers and a night sky cake, came together so well. The reception at the Clintonville Woman's Club was filled with good food and some great board games. This is also a wedding I'll never forget, because my daughter was born just before 6am the same day.  There was maybe some minor worry that my backups would have to take over for me, but I'm thankful that everything worked out perfectly so I could be there!

A big congrats to Trevor and Brittney!

Ron and Leslie's Wedding at Taylor Mansion

This was my first time shooting at the Taylor Mansion and it was the day after my daughter was born, but having already done Ron and Leslie's engagement shoot, I knew their wedding would be great regardless of how sleepy or nervous I might have been. And what can I say? Everything about their wedding just worked beautifully. The Taylor Mansion provided a great setting for their ceremony and reception. The rain held off (and the heat moved in) so everybody embraced their sweaty selves and danced to family polka music, ate a variety of great desserts, and pulled everything together for one of my favorite sparkler exits ever! Congrats to Ron and Leslie!

Josh and Rachel's Wedding at Xenos

After a slew of rainy summer days, Rachel and Josh had nothing but sun and smiles for their wedding. We took a trip to Iuka park for their first look and pictures with family and the wedding party before heading back to Xenos Christian Fellowship for the ceremony and reception. Photo booth, taco bar, and cupcakes? Check, check, and check. Ear to ear smiles and body shaking belly laughs with these awesome newlyweds? Yep, yep, yep. A big congrats to Rachel and Josh!

Josh and Kim's Wedding at Grange Audubon Center

Josh and Kim's wedding blended some Vietnamese traditions into the most American of holidays during their amazing 4th of July wedding. Everybody got ready at the Hyatt before heading up to Immaculate Conception Catholic Church for their ceremony. Grange Insurance Audubon Center provided a beautiful setting for the reception.  In the midst of one of the rainiest summers I can remember, the 4th ended up being so gorgeous that much of the crowd could be found enjoying beverages outside for a good portion of the night. Happy birthday, America, and happy wedding day to Josh and Kim!

Vasilios and Joel's Wedding at Dock580

If you ask me what my favorite thing about being a wedding photographer is, the answer might change from day to day. Sometimes it's the opportunities for creativity, sometimes it's the fun and challenge of running a business, but often, as in the case of Billy and Joel's wedding, it's about the stories I get to be a part of and help document. I could tell you about the vintage car they had for their getaway after running through an epic shower of birdseed. I could go on about the choreographed first dance, or the table full of RSVP letters from celebrities and the White House. I will tell you that the wedding would have been fun and meaningful for them and all the friends and family present, regardless of when it was held. But it just so happened that the wedding they had been planning took place the day after the Supreme Court decided in favor of marriage equality.

Weddings are always big, emotional affairs, even more so when the couple has been together for 18 years like these two. Throw an historic court decision on top of that, and it takes it to a whole other level. I think their wedding day hashtag sums it up perfectly - #ItsAboutDamnTimeBillyJoel

A huge congrats to Vasilios and Joel!