Krave Jerky with Jillian Michaels

Krave Jerky hired me to photograph a tasting event at Kroger headquarters in Cincinnati, which featured an appearance by the amazing Jillian Michaels. She graciously (and masterfully, I might add) posed for pictures and spoke with a large gathering of people that had lined up for the event. After their photo they were able to sample the jerky varieties that Krave will soon have in Kroger stores. I set up a website and printed contact cards for everybody so they'd be able to login and download their images with Jillian. It was a great event and a lot of fun getting to work with a company making a great product and a celebrity that has inspired a lot of people! Krave-20150318110050Krave-20150318115808Krave-20150318115931Krave-20150318115947Krave-20150318115951Krave-20150318121617Krave-20150318121727Krave-20150318131817Krave-20150318132307Krave-20150318134317


Captain Morgan does Columbus

News flags - Captain Morgan, the pirate famous for hocking his rums and posing with one bent leg in the air, is real.  Or he's real to the degree that there are a couple of people on the planet whose jobs are to dress as Captain Morgan and travel around promoting the brand. I got hired to follow him around during one of his jaunts around Columbus, and it was quite the adventure. The Captain and his crew of promoters drove around the city, stopping by at least half a dozen bars and a Bluejackets hockey game. Rum cocktails and giant captain head were tossed around to open hands and the Captain was mobbed by crowds of partiers attempting selfies. It was definitely a fun night, but I was definitely worn out afterward!

Music & Arts Customer Appreciation - Event Photography

The Music & Arts store in Worthington held a customer appreciation day that included food, games, and an instrument petting zoo where kids could try out a variety of instruments.  They also had a fun table set up with a variety of crafting materials where kids could make their own instruments.  This one made me get the urge to start music lessons again!

New Balance Shoe Release - Event Photography

I went up to Second Sole in Canton to photograph the release event for New Balance's 880v4.  With food, music, and a lot of runners taking the new shoes for a spin, it was a great time all around.  Bonus - I got to keep a pair of the new shoes!

Columbus Color Run

I love getting to shoot all sorts of different events, so when a last minute opportunity to run a studio station at a Color Run opened up, I jumped in. Basically I got to photograph group after group of elated runners, all dressed up and covered in colored powders. I'd get them to pose or jump or do otherwise silly things to have fun.  It was a ton of fun to shoot!  Here are just a few of the jumping pictures from the morning.

The Steve Gleason Foundation and Wounded Warrior Amputees Flag Football Game

The Steve Gleason Foundation and The Wounded Warrior Amputees teamed up a couple days before the Superbowl to play a flag football game.  Being familiar with the Steve Gleason story and his foundation, I volunteered to shoot this event when I heard about it.  I'm not one to get overly emotional at events, but there was such an amazing atmosphere at this.  Groups of people who have encountered extremely difficult circumstances, fighting to make their lives and the lives of others better.  Seeing the lineup of NFL players show up to support the cause;  seeing the soldier amputees answering questions of crowds of high school kids; and hearing Steve Gleason address the crowd (thanks to some impressive technology); you can't help but be moved. This was one of those events that sticks with you for a while, leaves you wanting to use your time better, do more with what you have, and stop complaining about all the trivial little inconveniences in your life.

Thanks guys~

steve gleason wheelchairsteve gleasonwounded warrior amputeeswounded warriorswounded warriorswounded warriorswounded warriorswounded warriorswounded warriorswounded warriors

New Orleans Bride Magazine at The Cannery

New Orleans Bride magazine held another vendor social at The Cannery on Toulouse.  I had yet to make it to The Cannery, so it was great to see another venue in the city.  This is a place that seems well arranged to host weddings (as opposed to a place that sort of just decided to start hosting weddings).  It's got a long entry way, a big open area for the main party, and little nooks with couches where people can break off and sit down.  Hopefully I'll get back here in the fall for a wedding! new orleans bride magazinenew orleans bride magazinenew orleans bride magazinenew orleans bride magazinenew orleans bride magazinenew orleans bride magazine

Friday Night Fights - Amateur Boxing in New Orleans

This was the second time that I photographed the New Orleans boxing event, Friday Night Fights.  This is one of those events that I do as a break from what normally goes in front of my camera - weddings, fancy parties, and food.  The more observant among you might look through the pictures and say "hey, there aren't many boxing pictures here for a boxing event."  That's kind of the point.  Mike, the gym owner that puts these events on, is more interested in getting pictures of the crowd, the entertainment, the general fun that people are having.  There are probably a lot of "boxing" events that go on all over the place, but I doubt many of them have the same variety of entertainment and attendees as Friday Night Fights in New Orleans. new orleans boxingnew orleans boxingnew orleans boxingnew orleans boxingnew orleans boxingnew orleans boxingnew orleans boxingnew orleans boxingnew orleans boxingnew orleans boxingnew orleans boxingnew orleans boxingnew orleans boxingnew orleans boxingnew orleans boxing

Tradeoffs - Running of the Bulls in New Orleans

One of my favorite events in New Orleans every year is their own take on the running of the bulls.  Instead of releasing a bunch of angry bovine into a crowd, they release a bunch of costumed roller derby girls with plastic bats.  I'm sad that I have to miss it this year, but happy nonetheless to be spending the day photographing a great couple's wedding.

Here's to 150 - St. Charles Avenue Magazine Event Photography

While doing some spreadsheet work today I did a quick sum and discovered that I've now covered over 150 events for St. Charles Avenue magazine.  Getting dressed up and going all over the city to see people working their butts off for charity has been both fun and eye opening as to all the different causes that need support.  It would be amazing to get a dollar figure on just how much money has been raised at all of these events.  When ticket prices go for upwards of $300 each, the sum is very easily in the millions. Keep doing good things - I'll keep taking the pictures.  Here are just a few of the things I've seen.

Cake Pops! Oh, and a New Orleans Bride event

I do some work for New Orleans Bride magazine, including photographing a vendor event that they've started hosting twice a year.  They get a great group of the city's wedding professionals gets together for some drinks, food, and networking at the Ritz-Carlton.  And let's not forget the cake pops.  It's unhealthy how much I love cake pops.  Quite literally - unhealthy.

New Orleans Bride - The show

Thanks to everybody who came to see us on Wednesday.  We're excited to have so many new people that we get to work with! Just a quick note about show follow-ups - We sent out emails on Thursday, but I've gotten word that some of them got directed into spam/junk folders.  People that didn't want them can happily leave the message there, but since you're here reading this, I assume you actually wanted the information we sent.  So either check your email's spam/junk folder for the original message or just email me directly at and I'll respond with what you're looking for.

Happy wedding planning!



The circle of photo life

So many times I take pictures of stuff for magazines and never get to see the full impact of the images.  Last night, I went to cover an event for a different publication like I always do, and since I long ago stopped researching what these events were, I was surprised to show up and see this frame with the picture I took.  It's nice seeing my work in print.  And framed.  And displayed to a ballroom full of people that paid $250 a seat to attend. See the story of that shoot here.


Buckling down with good music

The past five days have had me running around the city in a non-stop series of meetings and shoots.  Finishing this morning's job gives me a 2.5 day break to commence a marathon editing session of some of the great stuff I've seen in the last week.  First up are pictures from a welcome dinner for Scarlett and Bill's wedding where Emily Estrella and the Fauxbarrio Billionaires had people jumping.  Turn the speakers up, close your eyes, and give them a listen.  You'll be on the streets of New Orleans in no time.


Sunday at Emeril's

Emeril has a handful of restaurants in New Orleans and makes appearances during a handful of events throughout the year.  This was the third year in a row that I've photographed the Sunday at Emeril's event, and it seems to get bigger every year.  The restaurant staff ran their butts off to pull off another well orchestrated service for all the guests and honorees.


Dolled Up Gurl Dollhouse Bridal Show

I got a chance to work with the fabulous people at Dolled Up Gurl Dollhouse this past weekend for the first of their bridal shows.  It was a really cool take on the typical "bridal show," with fewer vendors and girls trying on clothes and walking the mocked up runway for pictures.  Definitely check it out in the future if you'd rather avoid the overwhelming 150 vendor shows and actually get some one on one time with people you might be working with, and with the dress you might be buying.


Best in Dining

New Orleans Magazine's Best In Dining event was recently held at Muriel's in the French Quarter.  I was able to get a shot of the sweets display before a little girl walked up and started touching all of them.  How do I stay thin with the constant availability of great buffet food?  I just pretend that every event has one of these little food handlers and things become less appetizing.  :/

Masters of Design

New Orleans Homes and Lifestyles hosted an event to celebrate their Design Master award winners.  Between the great food and the atmosphere of the Cole Pratt Gallery, it was a fun event to photograph.


Good guards

I've shot a few events at the First NBC building and have always stopped to admire the ceiling inside.  On multiple occasions the same security guard has been working and is one of the friendliest, most informative guards I've ever spoken with.  He gave me the history on the guy who designed and made all of the medallions on the ceiling (which I sadly can't remember now).  I'll have to write this stuff down next time I'm there.

Friday Night Fights

The Freret St. Boxing Gym periodically hosts what I can only describe as a spectacle.  They call it Friday Night Fights, but it's really a big mix of fighting, drinking and eating contests, celebrity impersonators, good musicians, cross dressing entertainers, and amateur round card girl (and guy) contests, among other things.  The fights draw one of the most diverse crowds I've ever seen in one small area - age, race, gender - all suddenly agreeing with each other because of this eclectic mix of entertainment. I got hooked up to photograph the fights and got a ringside seat to the madness.  Can't wait for the next one.