Meagan and Blake's Wedding at Highline Car House

November weddings. It's dark early, it might be cold, snowy. And that's not a bad thing. Meagan and Blake had one of those dark, cold and eventually snowy days, but it was all exactly as it should have been. They had a wonderfully casual ceremony at Highline Car House, guests standing with drinks in hand. It ended with a bagpipe player leading them out. After which we ventured outside into the dark to walk some of the areas where they first lived together. It had been bitter cold all day, but a light snow moved in and I had them stay out for a couple more shots (it's always just a couple more shots with me... meaning like 50). With a little lighting magic I finally got what I was looking for, showed Meagan, and she knew it was worth a few goosebumps.  :)