Gretchen and Matt's Worthington Inn Wedding

Ok, to get this out ahead of time - December was a cold and rainy month, and this was the coldest and rainiest of it. But as I always tell people who worry about the weather, your attitude should make the day, not the other way around. Gretchen and Matt didn't let it bother them one bit that their first look was in the snow and freezing rain at the Park of Roses. I usually give people time to enjoy those moments and only lead them on to other things when they start looking at me like "what now?" I think these two could have stayed out there for an hour without even noticing me or the rain or anything but each other.

We eventually pulled in the bridal party for some pictures and even played with some smoke bombs before heading off to the ceremony. The Worthington Inn did a great job once again hosting the reception. And I definitely ate some of that pie...

Congrats to Gretchen and Matt!