2016 Favorites

I feel like I say this every year, but every year it rings true.

Wow. Thank you. It's going to be damn hard to top that.

I finished my last wedding in the wee hours of the new year feeling both exhilarated and exhausted and I wouldn't ask for it any other way. I had the privilege of working with 45 couples in 2016 and if I'm not worn out by the end, I haven't given you guys enough. Seeing my own daughter grow into an insufferably adorable 18 month old has helped put into perspective why I do what I do in a way that has greater meaning than I ever expected when getting into this. I could be photographing anything but I choose weddings because I get to care - about couples, their families, their friends. I could be doing anything for money (probably lots of easier things than running a photography business), but I choose this because I get to give something lasting to people, something that couples get to enjoy now and that hopefully, their kids' kids' kids will get to discover many years later and ask "who were these awesome people...?"

I had summer days where I soaked through one new shirt after another with sweat and winter days where I had ice forming on my face and I was grateful for them all.

So ... wow, thank you.

Thoughts for 2017 - The year is already filled out better than at this point last year and I have so many things in the works. I moved into an office in Grandview last week and I've already had seven couples come by and talk way more about their relationships than they probably expected when meeting with a potential photographer... and that's on purpose. I've recently watched a bunch of videos by marketing guru Seth Godin and he has repeatedly talked about making art. His definition of art was something like "anything that brings emotional labor to the table to make a connection." Translated for my world - good picture takers are a dime a dozen, but honestly giving a shit about people so that they feel it and pass that along to each other and everybody else - that's when you make art. The goal is making art with everybody I meet.

All that said, the title of this thing says 2016 favorites, though it should really say "I couldn't post a thousand pictures here even though I wanted to, so here are like 60." Seriously, I have so many good stories to share from last year that I'd need another year to get through them, but here's just a tiny sampling.

Cheers ~ Steve