Vasilios and Joel's Wedding at Dock580

If you ask me what my favorite thing about being a wedding photographer is, the answer might change from day to day. Sometimes it's the opportunities for creativity, sometimes it's the fun and challenge of running a business, but often, as in the case of Billy and Joel's wedding, it's about the stories I get to be a part of and help document. I could tell you about the vintage car they had for their getaway after running through an epic shower of birdseed. I could go on about the choreographed first dance, or the table full of RSVP letters from celebrities and the White House. I will tell you that the wedding would have been fun and meaningful for them and all the friends and family present, regardless of when it was held. But it just so happened that the wedding they had been planning took place the day after the Supreme Court decided in favor of marriage equality.

Weddings are always big, emotional affairs, even more so when the couple has been together for 18 years like these two. Throw an historic court decision on top of that, and it takes it to a whole other level. I think their wedding day hashtag sums it up perfectly - #ItsAboutDamnTimeBillyJoel

A huge congrats to Vasilios and Joel!