Krave Jerky with Jillian Michaels

Krave Jerky hired me to photograph a tasting event at Kroger headquarters in Cincinnati, which featured an appearance by the amazing Jillian Michaels. She graciously (and masterfully, I might add) posed for pictures and spoke with a large gathering of people that had lined up for the event. After their photo they were able to sample the jerky varieties that Krave will soon have in Kroger stores. I set up a website and printed contact cards for everybody so they'd be able to login and download their images with Jillian. It was a great event and a lot of fun getting to work with a company making a great product and a celebrity that has inspired a lot of people! Krave-20150318110050Krave-20150318115808Krave-20150318115931Krave-20150318115947Krave-20150318115951Krave-20150318121617Krave-20150318121727Krave-20150318131817Krave-20150318132307Krave-20150318134317