Costa Rican Days

Maybe the cold, gray days of Ohio's January are already getting to me. Maybe the anticipation of upcoming travels are reminding me of past adventures. Maybe I looked at the calendar and found it hard to believe that it's already been eight years since I went on this trip. In any case, I have so many great memories from the ten weeks I spent traveling around in Costa Rica and I wanted to share a few here. Just a little background - A few weeks after my college graduation I skipped town and spent something like four weeks taking spanish classes and living with home stay families just outside of San Jose, and the rest of the time staying with my uncle and cousins at their house in Barva. On the weekends we'd travel. I hit just about every part of the country and even ventured down into Panama. Most of the pictures below were taken with a little six megapixel point and shoot, and a few were taken by others. I won't ramble on in detail about the stories behind the pictures. These are just a few of the things I saw.

Not pictured are a million other things including but not limited to... Street dogs everywhere. The most amazing night sky I've ever seen. Fresh fruit every day. Jogging up and down steep hills. Nothing but diesel cars on the road. Being slipped counterfeit money. Long, bumpy bus rides. $6 a night hostels. Beans and rice. Driving 5mph through impossibly foggy mountain roads in the middle of the night. Being asked for bribes by border officials.  Relearning how to get around and make plans without cell phones. Thieving monkeys. Old school internet cafes. Trying to figure out foreign bus systems on my own after having completely lost my voice. Sleeping surrounded by books at my uncle's house. Being a stared at like an alien by indigenous Panamanians. Learning which local soccer teams to root for. Being the only one in travel groups that spoke Spanish well enough to negotiate with taxi drivers (i.e. prevent us from getting ripped off). Accidentally driving across country borders. Leaving the country, looking out the window from the plane, seeing clear overhead views of the volcanos, forests, beaches, and towns I'd seen from the ground.