The first 100 days - My personal 365 Project

If you've ever looked me up on Facebook then you know by now that I started a personal 365 project back in July.  I still get people I haven't seen in a while coming up to me and alternating between "I love your pictures!" and "What's with the daily picture thing?"  Well, it's day 100 so to celebrate the landmark I wanted to share a little about the project and some of the work that's been done so far. The premise is simple - take a picture every day for a year.  There are endless variations on this, some giving very specific picture subjects, others very simple primers, and some that are completely unguided.  I opted for a topic list that was preset but very simple, generally having only a single word or short phrase to use every day.  Non-specific assignments give me a starting point but leave things pretty open for creative interpretation.

Why am I doing this?  The value of doing things regularly should be self evident.  If you jog every day you'll be in better shape.  If you play the piano every day you'll become a better pianist.  I call it a 365 "project" but it's just as often called a "challenge" because it's hard to do something that requires time and thought day in and day out, on busy work days, while traveling, when it's Sunday and you just want to sit around and watch football and kill brain cells.  It is a challenge, but one that rewards me by keeping the creative thoughts coming and by giving me opportunities to stretch myself in ways I wouldn't have thought to do if I didn't have an assignment.

100 days down and it went so ridiculously fast.  I'm not going to post all of them, but here are a few.  I'm really looking forward to what I get to share on day 200!

Day 61 - "Card"