What to wear for your engagement session

Congratulations, you're engaged! Now you get to go out and take some beautiful pictures to commemorate the occasion. When we talk about engagement sessions the one question that comes up about 95% of the time is "What should we wear?"  Well, it all depends.  My whole philosophy is that I want to capture who YOU are as a couple, so I don't want to pose every joint in your bodies and I certainly don't want to rifle through your closets to dress you.  If you want the short answer - Take what you'd normally wear, and find a nice version of that.

Simple enough, right?  For most people that's not very helpful at all...  I'd give a few basic directions but even those are open to a lot of different interpretations.   So, Jenny and I took the liberty of taking my basic recommendations about what to wear and made a few example photos for you.  I'm warning you ahead of time, we're not fashion experts, we're not going to tell you what's right and wrong, and we're rather serious about not being serious.  You asked, so here are some examples of what to wear and what to avoid.

My basic directions:

Bring two outfits - one casual and one dressy.  Wear your favorite one first; we might not get to both.

Dressy Outfits:

There's good dressy and bad "dressy."

Casual Outfits:

There's "We're relaxed" casual and then there's "I just pulled this from the bottom of my gym bag" casual.


Colors are good!  Unless you're part of a theater's stage crew, I don't encourage wearing all black.

Coordinate, don't match:

Would you wear the exact same color or outfit as your fiance any other time?  And no, Halloween doesn't count.


If the pattern could be confused with a Magic Eye poster, please don't wear it.  Most patterns are ok but my rule of thumb is to leave tie-dye at music festivals, Hawaiian shirts on cruise ships, and animal prints on animals.   This picture exemplifies a big "don't" for patterns, but notice the color coordination with my pants and her shirt, her pants and my shirt, and the flower in her hair with the flowers on my shirt.  It takes conscious effort to make bad look this good.

Closing thoughts:

Pick something you like, try not to fret over it, and have some fun.  We'll take great pictures regardless of what you're wearing.  I actually encourage you to be creative and different with your session.  If you want to dress like hipsters and take pictures with cats, I'm more than happy to oblige.


Steve & Jenny