That's alotta crab!

I had no idea what to expect as I waited for the folks at Kim Son to bring out the salt baked crab I had to photograph.  Something small and dainty with delicately arranged and styled crabs maybe.  When they set this before me I had did a double take and allowed a "wow" to slip from my lips.  This was a massive dish of halved crabs and claws.  If I had been armed I probably would've shot it just to make sure it didn't come at me while I was photographing.  I managed to survive and get the pictures I needed and the restaurant was even nice enough to package everything up in a big carryout bag for me to take home.  I should've had them teach me how to eat it first.  It tasted great, but I'm unpracticed with Vietnamese cuisine and spent more time engineering ways to get through the shells than actually eating.


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