Alicia and Darin - Eloping in New Orleans

Sometimes you just get lucky.  I certainly did when these two hired me to photograph their elopement in New Orleans.  My favorite sessions are always the more intimate ones where I get to spend time with couples and really get to see who they are.  I spent a good six hours with Darin and Alicia, starting off before their ceremony in City Park.  It was just the two of them, two of their friends to witness things, the officiant, and myself.  Oh, and they set up a group Skype on the laptop so their parents could watch back home. After some heartfelt vows and celebratory "We're married!" dancing, we wandered off into the park as a trio to spend the rest of the day taking pictures and going around the city.  They got to climb the trees in City Park, chat with the locals along the river, share a piece of cheesecake at Muriel's, and dance their first dance to the music of the street performers in Jackson Square.  If you can't tell by the images, these two are a little bit quirky and totally into each other, both of which made for a fantastic day and some gorgeous pictures.