A morning at Red's

I happened to be in Lafayette and got a call from a magazine asking for a shot of local gym owner (as they put it), Red Lerille.  Not being from Lafayette, I assumed it would be a relatively small deal.  Oh how wrong one can be.  Red's is a massive 20 acre fitness complex.  We chose to shoot in the newest expansion to the gym, a large open training room with some devices that looked more like they belonged on a military obstacle course.  Aside from his fitness empire, he owns eight airplanes, the original Borden's ice cream shop, and was Mr. America in 1960. On the way out after the shoot he made a comment saying I had nice calves.  That's right, Mr. America told me I have nice calves.


Published photo here

Source: http://www.shoot2studios.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/RedL-2.jpg