Tiffani & Mike - New Orleans Proposal

I love getting to being a part of people's secret plans.  Mike called me up one night thoroughly excited and asked if I would take part in his plan to propose to Tiffani.  How could I not?  We discussed logistics and how to make this work so that she wouldn't immediately become suspicious.  Things sound so simple when you're making these plans.  I wait patiently in one spot for them to show up and then do my thing, easy enough. Mike had the difficult end here.  I've been in those shoes, super excited and nervous and sort of freaking out before proposing.  Apparently he was acting so nervous and jittery on the way to the Quarter that they almost turned around.  Thankfully he pulled it together and right on time, the both of them walked up to my waiting spot in Jackson Square.  Mike played the encounter off well and asked me to take their picture.  One shot in front of the cathedral, pretty basic.  Then he said something like "let's make this a little more interesting"  and, well, you can see the rest for yourself.

Sometimes things just seem meant to be.  Not two minutes after they walked away from me, we got hit with a massive rainstorm.  Timing = Perfect.

For those interested in planning proposal shoots - be sure to check into any photography rules. You're technically required to get a photography permit to shoot in Jackson Square.  We just got in and out before they could chases us away. :)


Source: http://www.shoot2studios.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/TiffMike-15.jpg