Emile and Erica's Wedding

These two had a great sunset ceremony by the big oak tree at Destrehan Plantation.  Great for everybody except those special people with type O blood, light skin, wearing blue, and smelling like the most fantastic meal a mosquito has ever dreamed of, people also known as ME.  I hope my insurance covers all the major mosquito borne illnesses because I'm certain to get something after a few more of these outdoor evening weddings. My griping aside, the whole wedding was beautiful.  Great lighting, perfect timing, and a great crew of people.  I was a little nervous when hearing that the reception would be in the "Mule Barn."  I'm from Ohio and my knowledge of barns and beasts of burden don't trigger images I want to associate with weddings.  The Mule Barn at the plantation is a totally different animal.  The lighting inside was gorgeous and the whole thing made for an amazing reception atmosphere.  Plus... no mosquitoes inside the barn.

Source: http://www.shoot2studios.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/EmileErica-9519.jpg